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Hey hey makeup lovers!

There is a change with the page. I made a question site where you can ask anything. 

So in the future please try to use this one!

Thank you! :)

ASK ME!  - http://www.formspring.me/Katsmakeup

xo, Kat

nicolajane2012 said: Hey Kat :) I have a job interview on Thursday and was just wondering what makeup would be appropiate ? I know not much and not too bright colours and things. But what do you think ? Also any hair styles for medium hair if you know any :) I have green eyes, I dont know if that will help you :P hope your ok and thankyou in advance :) xx


Well makeup for job interview, less is more, much more! They don’t like too much makeup, they want to see you not a “mask”. My advice is, thin eye liner, mascara, foundation, powder, light blush and a light pink, red lipstick. This is an ultimate makeup and you can’t make any mistake. If you want to use eye shadow, read my post, but just light colours, not too much. Try to stay nature! http://katsmakeup.tumblr.com/post/27899706601/eye-shadow-green-eyes-mint-green-water-blue

xo, Kat

Anonymous said: how do you promote a new in beauty blog?

Well I can’t say anything…I didn’t promote my blog, I made it and 7 monts later Tumblr send me a message they want to put my blog into the Spotlighted blogs. So now I’m there. Which is a really big thing for me. :)

The second step is on the way, to find sponsors.

xo, Kat

Anonymous said: I'm 13 and I wear only a little bit of makeup i wear a tiny bit of foundation just to hide some of my freckles and sometimes wear mascara is that ok?

YES!!!! :)

xo, Kat